AudioDB is a a feature vector database management system for content-based multimedia retrieval.

The software is still under development; as of December 17th, 2007, a technology preview is available for download, but a number of features are only partially implemented: a full release is planned for late 2008. For more information about audioDB development, see our development page.

The audioDB system includes multiple methods for accessing feature vector databases; the basic mode of operation is currently over the command-line – read about how to use it in our basic tutorial; additionally, the system includes a SOAP server and command-line client, and as this stabilises a C API will also be provided. Additional tutorial material is available for detecting near-duplicate tracks and for finding musically-related works in a collection.


A technology preview version is available for download:

The source code and binaries are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence, version 2 or later (at your option).



The development of audioDB was supported by the OMRAS2 project, funded by EPSRC (grant number: EP/E02274X/1).